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Claire Danes Has a Whole New Look on UK Marie Claire’s November Cover (Forum Buzz)

She was one of the cover stars of W magazine‘s October issue and managed to outshine everyone else and now Claire Danes tries to win us over as U.K. Marie Claire‘s cover star. The magazine usually receives a bashing from our feisty forum members, despite the British edition serving up some memorable covers for us in the past. Taking a risk this month, Marie Claire gives the Homeland actress an entirely new look, but the transformation leaves the majority of us feeling uneasy. Shot by Matthias Vriens-McGrath, Claire rocks a Roland Mouret jumpsuit complete with an edgy mohawk hairstyle.

UK Marie Claire November 2015 Claire Danes by Matthias Vriens-McGrath


“This actress is cool (as the title suggests) and she looks good, but this cover is a mess! Maybe it’s the flash/heavy lighting that puts you at unease,” said Srdjan, wondering where it all went wrong.

Benn98 shared the same sentiments, replying, “Yes, Claire can do no wrong in my books, but this is the third November cover ruined by terrible lighting. Her body looks great though, especially those toned arms.”

Forum member dodencebt wasn’t showing much enthusiasm, either, adding, “I think the biggest offender here is the hairstyle.”

“This makeup is not for her,” narcyza was quick to point out.

But not everyone was so underwhelmed. “So they had Ellen von Unwerth shoot the September cover and now Matthias? At least they’re trying. I’ll give them credit for that. Might bump them over U.K. ELLE on effort alone,” credited A.D.C.

“Absolutely unrecognizable WOWWW. The funny thing is that I have never paid attention to her as an actress, or to Marie Claire for that matter but I know who she is and I have seen 2 or 3 of her movies. She looks good and fashionable here: I like it,” raved Bertrando3.

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