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What Has W Magazine Done to Poor Jessica Chastain? (Forum Buzz)

There’s no denying that W Magazine has been stepping up its game of late, having secured covers with Taraji P. Henson, Gigi Hadid and even Jane Fonda for recent issues. As the magazine unveils its November offering, our forums were just too horrified for words with the cover. Photographed by Steven Klein, Jessica Chastain must have been punk’d by the creative team. The actress looks completely unrecognizable wearing Givenchy, thanks to the garish makeup and magenta hair color. 

W Magazine November 2015 Jessica Chastain by Steven Klein


Make no mistake that our forum members were not a happy bunch. “Oh boy! When W tries this hard, it’s never a good result. She deserves better than this, but why are they stuck on the same 20+ actresses for their covers? Its so uninspiring!” exclaimed Miss Dalloway

“Wow, I was excited when I saw the thread title but this is horrendous. I literally gasped when I looked at this ‘dangerous beauty’ look W is pushing,” said an equally unimpressed Melancholybaby.

Echoing the same sentiments was fee de foret: “Wow, I think Jessica is beautiful and very talented but this is not good. Yikes!”

Mistress_f agreed, commenting, “Oh my, this is tragic, why did W have to do her this dirty? Poor Jess.”

“Truly like I’ve never seen her before and most definitely not the way I want to see her ever again. This is terrible. Those eyebrows are unforgivable. I get that those brows match the concept but it could have been executed better. Those aren’t brows. Those are leeches,” criticized MON.

“That’s my beloved Jessica? They did her so wrong! Terrible cover and the edit is worse,” chimed in JessRubik.

The shoot is certainly something different, we’ll give it that. See Jessica’s edit for yourself and add your own two cents here.