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Victoria Beckham Makes for a Random Cover Choice on Vogue Germany (Forum Buzz)

We usually know who’s about to surface on our favorite fashion mags, but Vogue Germany caught us off guard this month. Shying away from models in an unexpected yet welcomed twist, Victoria Beckham poses for the magazine’s November edition. Unveiled just before the weekend, Victoria was captured by photographer Boo George appearing as stylish as ever, wearing one of her own designs (natch). 

Vogue Germany November 2015 Victoria Beckham by Boo George


Forum members were quick to express their mixed feelings toward the cover. “Elegant and fresh, lovely cover. Although the angle makes her a bit wide/massive in the bust area and also a big ‘chic’ on it doesn’t help it one bit, just the opposite,” hailed an unimpressed Nymphaea.

“She does nothing for me on fashion covers. And I don’t really care about her life as a designer, singer, wife or whatever. At least she could have posed with Brooklyn so there was something interesting to see,” laughed Creative.

Oxymore wasn’t feeling 100 percent positive either, adding, “I like the colors but I find it kind of random having her on the cover.”

“Random but this is lovely! They should seriously change their layout,” suggested MON.

Also not a fan of the design was Nomar: “Goodness, all the font is horrible and I don’t get the random choice of orange. It looks very amateur and ruined what could have been a decent cover.”

“I have to say that it’s a nice picture of her but she has so many Vogue covers recently, Vogue Germany could have chosen someone more original. It does not look like a November cover for me,” criticized dcmaike.

The cover may not be ticking everyone’s boxes, but Victoria’s editorial is a must-see. Check it out and drop us a comment here.