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Rihanna’s Long-Awaited Cover of Vanity Fair Finally Drops…and Disappoints (Forum Buzz)

Our forums erupted with excitement today when a long-awaited Rihanna cover finally surfaced. As reported inside our Cover Rumor Thread back in May, Rihanna took a trip to Cuba for an undisclosed publication. We first suspected Vogue had commissioned the shoot but it turns out it was Vanity Fair. Rihanna looks spectacular before the lens of famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, posing alongside a vintage Cadillac.

“Finally! Yay! Great to see her on this cover!” hailed Handbag Queen within seconds of the cover dropping.

But once we had time to digest the image, some of us began to have second thoughts. “She can photograph SO much better than this! You have Annie + VF yet she had better covers for lesser titles!” said a frustrated Miss Dalloway.

MyNameIs was quick to pick faults too, adding, “I’m really sick of Rihanna tbh. She seems to be on some kind of cover every other month. I like the colors here but her facial expression and hair are a disaster.”

“The cover leaves so much to be desired. The hair looks fake. I’ve seen better hairlines from drag queens to be honest. The last shot looks like she was just attached to the background, but that’s classic Leibovitz so yeah. I am also not that fond of the saturation. It’s too much,” complained an unimpressed MON.

“Rihanna with red hair talking about Chris Brown? Are we in 2010 again?” asked Lola701.

Well…that’s not what we expected. Take a peek at Rihanna’s cover story and join the conversation here.