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Vogue Italia Continues to Lose Its Identity with These Disappointing Mert and Marcus Covers (Forum Buzz)

Can Vogue Italia ever survive without Steven Meisel? It’s a question that has been burning on our forums ever since it was confirmed that the legendary photographer would no longer be a prominent fixture at the magazine. Following a string of different photographers for the past few issues, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott have scored the cover story for the title’s October 2015 edition — and we’re far from ecstatic. Male model Aidan Walsh graces the first cover that surfaced, while Estella Boersma stars on the second cover of Italian Vogue‘s youth-focused issue.

Our forums couldn’t hide their disappointment. “OMG WHAT IS THIS,” exclaimed a horrified madzedre.

“Appalled!!! Where is the fashion, some emotion, or anything remotely interesting on offer here? If you’re gonna have a male model (which I personally welcome) on the cover, at least do them some justice, create something original, smh!” ranted a less than impressed Miss Dalloway.

In agreement over how bad the cover turned out was KateTheGreatest. “I’m not convinced and like it has been said before, it looks like i-D … also, I don’t care that much for Mert & Marcus, so I’ll be skipping this issue,” she shared.

Forum member rockangel shared the same sentiments: “Since Mert & Marcus are shooting Vogue Italia covers seems like the magazine is losing its prestige and notoriety. This is not even a cool cover, this is more like a typical shot for Numéro or i-D. IMO, not up to the standards of Italian Vogue.”

“Meisel come back, PLEASE,” pleaded versustito.

“They are so ripping off i-D stamina. It’s not even funny. Not even i-D, sorry this is Dazed & Confused to the bone,” stated |PerfectTonight|.

Going to give these covers a chance? Await the content of the issue and share your own opinion here.