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Naomi Campbell Is Photoshopped Into Oblivion on Lui’s October Cover (Forum Buzz)

Ever since its premiere issue back in 2013, provocative and racy French magazine Lui has tickled our fancy. Straight after Joan Smalls bared all on the September issue, Naomi Campbell now graces the October edition and amazingly leaves us with mixed feelings. Lui persists on enlisting photographic duo Luigi and Iango, who shot Naomi for the second time this month, but there’s something slightly off about this cover.

Our forum members couldn’t believe their eyes. “Luigi and Iango, again? Seriously? Are they the only photographers on earth? Naomi looks like a drag queen!” ranted an unenthusiastic Alien Sex Friend immediately.

“All Luigi and Iango’s covers for Lui look the same,” complained Oxymore soon after, sharing the same underwhelming sentiments.

Lola701 wasn’t exactly feeling the cover either. “I like seeing Naomi on a French magazine cover. It has been quite a long time but I’m bored by the choice of photographers,” she echoed.

“She came from the future!” shouted eneroenero, suggesting something strange was going on in the image.

Marc10 was quick to announce, “What a pretty video game character!” with kokobombon replying, ” I know, right? She could easily be from Final Fantasy.”

Things started to shape up as Benn98 admitted, “Obviously retouched to hell and back, which was expected because it’s L&I, but I like it! Interesting that we get Joan and Naomi back to back.”

“I love it but it looks like a painting. So much Photoshop!” exclaimed KissMiss, unwilling to let the airbrushing slide.

Are you tired of magazines constantly giving us overly-Photoshopped covers? Vent out here.