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Marion Cotillard Gives Porter Its Best Cover Yet (Forum Buzz)

We were still pretty hung up over Porter‘s fall issue with the ever-gorgeous Daria Werbowy on the front, that is until the title dropped its latest over the weekend. Porter continues to be a forum favorite and since tapping photographer Ryan McGinley to shoot the cover once again, we couldn’t be more thrilled. Throw in French actress Marion Cotillard running through a field of lavender wearing a fresh white Christian Dior dress and Porter has itself yet another home run.

Forum members couldn’t contain their excitement. “It’s so beautiful. Porter is consistently wonderful, it’s really great to see. Marion looks gorgeous, the setting is wonderful, I love the purple; it manages to be winter-appropriate without being too dark and it still feels fresh,” raved LastNight.

“Gorgeous! That simple flowing white dress with the purple lavender is beautiful together and Marion is always a pleasure to see,” responded a thrilled Nymphaea.

Also showing great enthusiasm was MON: “This is gorgeous! Beyond gorgeous even! Wow. Every looks so beautiful. It made Fall look so soft and not too serious. I love it!”

TaylorBinque agreed, declaring, “Truly beautiful cover. I thought it would take them couple issues to top the last one and this is really special. It’s an image that other magazines wouldn’t dare to put on the cover but here it fits perfectly.”

Porter consistently turns out great covers and content. I spend a lot of time at Barnes & Nobles reading them!!” admitted justagyuy.

“This might just be the best fashion magazine out there at the moment. Any news on what’s inside?” asked an eager simon.

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