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Mert and Marcus’ Secret Project for DSECTION Magazine Is Out! (Forum Buzz)

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott have been teasing us for weeks via Instagram about their “upcoming secret project” for an undisclosed publication. Rumors began to swirl on our forums that the shoot was for French Vogue until DSECTION magazine unveiled its fourth anniversary issue using the highly-anticipated shoot. We half expected multi-covers, but the title opted for just one featuring the photographic duo lounging around with Anna Ewers, Natasha Poly, Malgosia Bela, Saskia de Brauw and Irina Shayk.

DSection Fall 2015 by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


Yet DSECTION may just as well have given us a blank page to save the publication from embarrassment (including the awkward misspelling of Saskia’s name). “I don’t like the background. The casting is great though, Malgosia looks splendid. Could have done without Mert and Marcus though. But I hate that they wrote SaskYa on the cover,” pointed out anlabe32.

“Terrible. What makes Mert & Marcus think they deserve to be on a magazine cover?” asked arlekindearrabal.

“They all shot separate or what??? This looks so trashy and baaaaaaaaaaad,” thatsfierce slammed.

Sharing the same sentiments was kokobombon: “Were they on the shoot together? Everyone seems copied/pasted on top of each other, it’s a mess of limbs… don’t like this one bit.”

Creative agreed, commenting, “Beyond cheap. They really look copied-pasted. There’s nothing hot or interesting about it. M&M are both desperate fame-lovers. They love to be in front of the lens.”

“This is so badly photographed! I’d be embarrassed if I was them! Mert and Marcus need to realize that they aren’t models. Their pose is so fake. Was it the secret project? Because it is bad!” echoed a disapproving Aizanara.

“This is the secret project they kept hyping up? It’s terrible,” condemned JessRubik.

Await the content of DSECTION‘s Fall 2015 issue and drop us a comment here.