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ELLE Takes a Risk with This October Cover Photo of Selena Gomez (Forum Buzz)

Our forums couldn’t hide their dismay over ELLE‘s lousy 30th anniversary issue for September 2015. Will the October cover make more of an impact? The American title just dropped its new edition featuring Selena Gomez wearing Miu Miu, shot by photographer Liz Collins. You have to appreciate a mainstream magazine like ELLE taking a major risk by choosing a cover photo with the subject staring off into the distance. Talk about living on the edge.

US ELLE October 2015 Selena Gomez by Liz Collins


Has ELLE‘s creativity ultimately paid off, though? “I don’t think she has a strong profile for a cover,” slammed khyrk right away.

“Whose idea was it to shoot her in profile? Her face is too round,” added an unimpressed A.D.C.

Sharing the same sentiments was Benn98: “Absolutely agree! She doesn’t have the right face shape for this shot. Still, it’s a beautiful cover. Yet another stunning offering from Liz Collins.”

IndigoHomme soon chimed in, writing, “She looks beautiful, but that dress or top doesn’t work for me.”

Also disappointed was arlekinderrabal: “I love Liz Collins, and this seems like a decent enough shot. But I don’t get mainstream magazines getting top photographic talent and making them shoot/airbrushing their signature aesthetic away, so that it looks like every other cover on the newsstand.”

Just as things started to shape up for the better, AbbeyRoad hailed, “Wow I love this. I think she is really pretty and the cover is perfect.”

“It’s a nice surprise. I excpected something bad with Selena but this picture is really beautiful!” echoed a pleasantly surprised narcyza.

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