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An ‘Unrecognizable’ Elle Fanning Covers Teen Vogue’s Young Hollywood Issue (Forum Buzz)

Our forums will forever be thankful to Teen Vogue after the title gave us major doses of diversity back in August. However, as the magazine gears up for the release of its October 2015 edition, we cannot help but feel a little deflated with the outcome. Elle Fanning gives photographer Christian Macdonald her best smize while wearing an Emporio Armani top over an Aerie T-shirt.

Teen Vogue October 2015 Elle Fanning by Christian Macdonald


Yet the cover left us deeply disappointed. “Well… typical boring Teen Vogue,” slammed GlamorousBoy the minute the cover surfaced.

“I swear every issue of Teen Vogue is a ‘Young Hollywood Issue’ isn’t it,” laughed jescajade.

HeatherAnne most definitely wasn’t having any of it, ranting, “She’s unrecognizable to me here. Maybe it’s the weird angle, or the unnecessary excessive smoothing of her skin. Fail.”

“The angle is horrible,” pointed out Normar as forum member Aedlacir declared, “It’s forgettable. I wish she wore Prada so there would at least be something to talk about.”

Also underwhelmed with the outcome was Emmanuelle. “I love her, I was happy to see her name in the headline but this cover is really disappointing. The makeup doesn’t suit her at all,” she noted in disappointment.

“Well, she makes sense for Teen Vogue. Besides, I’d rather have her get the cover than the likes of Kylie Jenner. At least she’s got a stronger message which might contribute more to society. The cover looks more summer than autumn to me,” said Benn98 sharing a different outlook.

“I think this is gorgeous. Stunned to see such negative reactions tbh,” fired back MyNameIs.

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