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Daria Werbowy and The Last Magazine Just Gave Us The Most Intriguing Cover (Forum Buzz)

Our forums often acknowledge the efforts of The Last Magazine, including memorable covers with the likes of Anja Rubik, Malgosia Bela and Mariacarla Boscono. It seems like yesterday we were discussing the 2008 debut issue featuring Daria Werbowy and now as the title celebrates its 15th issue, we couldn’t be more satisfied with the result. In true celebratory style, The Last Magazine has done something completely out of the ordinary and its innovation has paid off immensely. Welcoming back Daria, the biannual publication commissioned surreal sculptor Andres Krisár to create a cast of the Canadian beauty, which has been used as the front cover image.

The Last Magazine Fall 2015 Daria Werbowy by


From the get-go, The Last Magazine had us captivated. “Brilliant! Best September cover,” declared congacon immediately.

“The best September cover I’ve seen! YES,” echoed MON in agreement.

Sharing the same sentiments was simon: “Stands out so much among the mess of the gimmicky September covers. I love how artistic this looks.”

Mistress f was certainly a fan, admitting, “This looks amazing. I want to buy this issue based on the cover alone.”

“Creepy but undeniably striking. I like the unique approach,” shared an appreciative Nomar.

“Weird, one of the most interesting covers this season!” declared jescajade.

Also showing enthusiasm was gazebo, writing, “Love! Daria is iconic enough to be immortalized.”

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