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Suki Waterhouse Tries to Eat Her Hair on the Cover of Vogue Thailand (Forum Buzz)

She hasn’t exactly had a groundbreaking cover of Vogue since failing to impress on both Vogue Turkey and Vogue Korea. Now, Vogue Thailand tries its hand at photographing Suki Waterhouse and assigns her the all-important cover for September 2015. The regular face and brand ambassador of Burberry strikes a pose with photographer Marcin Tyszka, delivering us a close-up cover shot as she stares down the lens. The 23-year-old serves up some good hair and we would expect no less after Suki was recently announced as a brand ambassador of Redken.

But according to our forum members, Suki’s hair is far from inspiring. “That looks like a cheap wig,” slammed Wintergreen.

“Messy. What’s with the pose? It looks like Suki’s trying to get a bite of her hair. Never really got her appeal either,” added jescajade.

MON certainly wasn’t a fan and went so far as to state, “Probably the worst year for September covers and this is not an exception. White text on that hair? Really? The fashion issue also need not be mentioned because every Vogue issue is a fashion issue.”

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Also disappointed was KissMiss, commenting, “Potentially the funniest cover ever. What’s with her mouth? Was she yawning, they snapped it and then the camera ran out of memory?”

“It would have been better if she wasn’t looking at the camera. She really can’t model to save her life. Who decided to put the text in these colors? You can barely see it because of her hair. Suki can’t do close-ups,” said a horrified Aizanara.

Are you impressed by Vogue Thailand’s seemingly best efforts this month? Sound off in our thread here.