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Michelle Dockery Looks ‘Bored As Hell’ on UK Harper’s Bazaar (Forum Buzz)

We’re sooo over the September issues and thankfully for us, the October editions are starting to trickle out. Earlier this week, we took a sneak peek at the subscribers cover (right) of UK Harper’s Bazaar, which didn’t go over well in our forums. Now, the magazine has unveiled an equally unimpressive official newsstand cover (left) featuring Michelle Dockery. Shot by David Slijper, the Downton Abbey actress wears Ralph Lauren on both covers.

UK Harper's Bazaar October 2015 Michelle Dockery by David Slijper


“Whoa, how many times has she been featured now? It feels like every year! Justine [Picardie] is really recycling the cover stars, hard!” noticed Miss Dalloway, remembering Michelle’s covers from August 2013 and August 2014.

“Hmm.. her again? Just by the looks of the preview, it feels like I’m to expect a Town & Country cover,” added MON.

Also underwhelmed was tigerrogue, sarcastically ranting, “Country house style, what a new direction for both the cover star and the magazine.”

“I’m excited about the swan in the corner though. Finally a new cover star!” laughed A.D.C, returning to the thread soon after to say, “The girl can’t smize to save her life, can she?”

Benn98 wasn’t a fan of the styling. “I thought the newsstand cover would at least feature a different look. I don’t like this Ralph Lauren dress, it’s too bland. Reminds me of oatmeal,” he disappointingly noted.

“Ouch. She looks bored as hell on that newsstand cover,” acknowledged honeycombchild.

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