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Vogue Turkey May Have Just Delivered the Best September Cover of 2015 (Forum Buzz)

Admit it, Vogue Turkey isn’t exactly your go-to magazine for inspirational fashion photography. It’s been running along with mediocre covers, barely scraping by and rarely managing to get positive reactions from our forum members. But the magazine appears to have taken a major turn with its September issue thanks to the two models who grace the front cover. Josephine Le Tutour and Alexandra Ljadov were shot by Liz Collins for the occasion, decked out in Gucci as they huddle together, making for a seemingly great cover.

Vogue Turkey September 2015 by Liz Collins


Members of our forums sure were ecstatic to see both girls on the cover. “Long time coming. I wish fashion would be more like this today. Two beautiful MODELS!” congratulated gossiping on Vogue Turkey’s latest offering.

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“It’s nice actually. I didn’t know this was Josephine’s first Vogue cover so congrats. I am just thrilled to see Alexandra here,” shared simon.

Echoing the same sentiments was Aizanara, exclaiming, “OMG! Our prayers have been answered! I’m so happy for Josephine. First Vogue cover congrats Jo!”

Emmanuelle was full of enthusiasm, too, admiring, “They look great! The background is really pretty.”

“HELL YESSSSS! It was about time. Josephine just deserves this. She looks beautiful and congrats to Alexandra too, she’s a stunning girl. Well done both girls,” applauded thatsfierce.

“LOVE this cover, who’d have thought Vogue Turkey would have probably the best September Vogue cover? Josephine Le Tutour looks absolutely stunning, love the clothes and the colours too, looking forward to the editorial now,” anticipated jescajade.

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