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Yikes, Both Isabeli Fontana Covers for Vogue Brazil’s September Issue Are Awful (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Brazil may have secured the likes of Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid as previous cover subjects, but that doesn’t mean the innovation and modernity has been flowing. The magazine continues to get it oh-so-wrong after it’s dated installment last month with Behati Prinsloo. This time around, Brazilian beauty Isabeli Fontana is appointed the cover of her native Vogue‘s September issue and graces two covers in which she wears Prada (left) and Miu Miu (right), shot by Zee Nunes.

Vogue Brazil September 2015 Isabeli Fontana by Zee Nunes


Our forum members were far from fascinated by the lackluster outcome. “Most boring model ever. I really don’t get why she’s so big. I mean, she’s cute and all, but has zero charisma and looks super lame,” Creative ranted right away.

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“Wow, her hair doesn’t look good. Looks like the stylist used a curler for the fringe, lol. I’m surprised they ran yet another pink cover, and there’s too [many] accessories on the white one. Very weak for September,” complained Benn98.

Also unimpressed with both covers was gazebo: “I love Isabeli and happy for her, but this is bad!”

ThatRascal wasn’t exactly jumping for joy either: “I think it’s time Isabeli got a new look or something. She needs a change because as much as I love her, I’ve officially checked out of the Isabeli fan club. I’m simply bored by her recent work, looking the same as she always does.” Ouch.

“Just awful and again this Prada dress on the cover. What a bore,” confessed narcyza.

“That hair and styling is just awful. September has been totally lackluster cover-wise across the board,” condemned marsnoop2

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