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Watch Beyoncé’s Behind-the-Scenes Video for Vogue’s September Issue Cover Shoot

Beyoncé fans are already having an amazing day since they woke up to the news this morning that their beloved queen is covering Vogue‘s September issue. The pop superstar, shot by Mario Testino, gives us another ultra glam wet hair moment. Tonne Goodman lent her styling talents to the shoot, dressing Ms. Knowles in a Marc Jacobs gown. 

Beyonce vogue september issue

Image: Vogue

The September issue is always a very special one, but this time, Target is joining in on the fun with a 10-page insert honoring some of Vogue‘s most iconic shoots. TargetStyle, in Vogue is a 20-page overture in which the retailer recreates 15 images from the magazine’s archive, using products found at Target. Thanks to this partnership, Target will be the first to sell this latest Vogue issue, which will be available at the retailer’s stores tomorrow — before it hits newsstands.

Beyoncé is a big draw for a magazine any time of year and our forums seemed to be mostly pleased with the cover, though not too keen on the return of Bey’s wet hair look.

“Good to see Beyoncé but damn the wet hair is such a turn-off,” coutugh said. “Rumour has it she is dropping a new MV this fall so timing is sort of right.” Coutugh wasn’t the only one sniffing around for new Beyoncé material. “Killed it. Not a surprising choice, but the result is gorgeous and will sell well obviously. So does this mean we’re getting new music and/or a new album soon-ish?” orchidee wondered.

Nataliaapple was pleased to see Beyoncé, but wondered if another high-profile celebrity of color who has been consistently overlooked by the publication might have been a better choice for September. “I surprisingly love this. Agreed that the timing seems way off for this cover but happy to see her on it… again. I guess Kerry Washington was booked?”

Of course, there were those who were more critical of Bey’s effort and Vogue‘s direction for this month. For example, @SpeakThatJDunn said, “I don’t like it. They’re like a year late with Beyonce, and her covers always look a little forced.” 

The magnitude of seeing a woman of color on the September issue was not lost on MDNA, though he wasn’t too impressed with the cover at all. “So she’s the third black women on the cover of the US Vogue September issue, this will sell well for sure. I don’t like the styling, and why with that wet hair again, so Drunk in Love.” 

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Fee de foret was just hating the whole thing. “Her pose look so stiff and uncomfortable! WTF the more I stare at it the worse it seems.” Foret doesn’t stop there. “I’m so over Vogue US, I know the editorials are gonna be the same old same old its just gotten SO drab and lifeless. There’s no love in this magazine anymore you know? But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself we haven’t seen the contents yet. Based on the past two years of content tho…”

Love it or hate it, Beyoncé looks absolutely stunning on Vogue‘s latest cover and the world will just have to deal. Bey also made a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, which you can watch below.

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