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Devon Windsor Lands Her First Vogue Cover for the Thai Edition (Forum Buzz)

It’s hard not to praise a magazine for giving a model her first Vogue cover, so when Vogue Thailand handed Devon Windsor the cover of its August 2015 issue, it was immediately brought over to our forums for discussion. The Victoria’s Secret regular was photographed by Yu Tsai for the proud moment, posing poolside wearing a little black Louis Vuitton number as she plays with her hair for the camera. 

Vogue Thailand August 2015 Devon Windsor by Yu Tsai


All things considered, the cover gives us major déjà vu. “It’s like a cheap knock-off of Vogue Paris. The font, the layout, the vibe. This to me feels like a VP Feb issue shot by Inez & Vinoodh,” MON pointed out right away.

“I’m not sold on it. Looks like some ersatz VP to me. Glad for Devon, but they have such unexpected model choices,” added Benn98.

In agreement was Bertrando3: “Vogue Paris look-a-like indeed and yes, she looks very uncomfortable.”

Valentine27 later echoed, “I agree with the Vogue Paris similarities. It could have been a nice cover if the hairstyle was different, it ruins it for me.”

Also not a fan of the cover was Nomar. “This looks so cheap,” he announced.

“Hideous cover all thanks to the Photoshop. It’s like a flyer to some Friday night event at a fancy club,” said Urban Stylin.

Did Vogue Thailand miss an opportunity with this one? Drop us a comment here.