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Forum Buzz: It’s Gwendoline Christie Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before in Vivienne Westwood’s Fall Campaign

Vivienne Westwood Gwendoline Christie

Image: Vivienne Westwood

Game of Thrones might be over for the season but fans have something to be excited about now that Vivienne Westwood has tapped actress Gwendoline Christie (who plays Brienne in the HBO series) to pose in her latest campaign. Christie really embraces the role of the creepy weird girl in these ads, her eyes blackened with heavy makeup as she poses, giving us all the Tim Burton vibes. The campaign follows the collection’s gender neutral theme, one which we think Christie is perfect for. Still, our forum members seem to have mixed feelings about the Juergen Teller-lensed campaign. While Christie was well-received by some, others were simply not feeling the spooky, punky vibe of the shots. 

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“The photos look like a rehash from the 80s, but bad ones,” justaguy complained. “Usually a big fan of anything Vivienne Westwood, but not this time.”

“I hope that they don’t have a big budget for ads this season,” GIVENCHYLover said, casting a bit of shade. “Horrible campaign, looks like wasted,” burbuja8910 wrote.

But it is Legolas who perfectly captured the diverse reactions towards the ads. “This is interesting artistically regarding photography, but commercially it looks like if they were selling a crackhead’s glamorous lifestyle.” Fair point, considering the models are styled to look a bit… haggard chic. “I mean, Leebo looks ill in the 1st pic… like not healthy, is that on purpose?” he wonders. 

Emmanuelle thinks the campaign is just all part of Westwood’s greater aesthetic. “Punk until the end…well that’s exactly what was to be expected from Westwood.” Fair enough.

But whether or not you’re digging the campaign, one thing’s for certain: you’ve never seen Gwendoline Christie like this. Add your two cents by joining the discussion in our forum.