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Did Vogue Russia Just Publish the Worst Cover of the Year? (Forum Buzz)

On our forums, Vogue Russia is considered to be very hit or miss. Its past two covers featuring Catherine McNeil and Lindsey Wixson seemed to successfully raise the bar in terms of creativity, but its latest issue appears to have taken four steps backward. The magazine welcomes Daphne Groeneveld back on its cover, marking the Dutch model’s second appearance. Photographed by Jason Kibbler, the Tom Ford favorite brought some drama and movement to the cover shoot styled by Olga Dunina, but the end result falls flat.

Vogue Russia August 2015 Daphne Groeneveld by Jason Kibbler


Forum members ripped into the cover the moment it dropped. “I don’t get Daphne. She’s not sexy nor does she look like a grown up woman to justify these kind of poses we always see her making. The cover looks too dark and busy,” condemned anlabe32 right away.

“I adore Daphne but when they do these type of photos with her it doesn’t appeal to me, just seems forced,” TeeVanity added.

In a state of shock was Creative: “So you are telling me that a so-called fashion professional said yes to this. OK.”

Also unamused was justaguy, who ranted, “Love me some Daphne, but this cover is a mess. Trying too hard to make her look sexy.”

RickO even went so far as to declare, “Worst Vogue cover of the year!!!!”

“To be honest, as long as Victoria Davydova is still seated at the helm of Vogue Russia, all the other under performing Vogue EICs need not worry about their jobs. Y’all can still sleep at night!” laughed MON.

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