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Forum Buzz: Rita Ora ‘Who?’ Stars in Roberto Cavalli’s Fall 2014 Campaign

Image: Roberto Cavalli

Image: Roberto Cavalli

“I wish fashion were less tied to communication and stars. I can’t understand all these fashion companies spending millions to dress celebrities.” -Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli might not approve of designers using celebrities to sell their collections, but he’s made an exception for Rita Ora, who fronts his label’s latest campaign. We can only speculate why Rita is the one celebrity Cavalli doesn’t mind using…could it be because she hasn’t really been able to break into the American market? Perhaps.

And it is for this reason that several forum members are confused on the casting. Rita is definitely popular overseas, but she hasn’t had the same sort of stateside (perhaps even international) success, for instance, that her Roc Nation label mate, Rihanna, has enjoyed. Either way, Rita’s scored herself another campaign, and the rest are left to wonder why.

“I can’t imagine there being any positive reaction from this decision. Did they think this would help the brand at all?” Trevofashionisto wrote.

“What bothers me about this it’s not the fact that they chose a celebrity, but choosing the most irrelevant celebrity possible. No one cares about Rita or wants to dress like her so you could do better with a model who actually knows how to sell the clothes,” jmrmartinho. Well, ouch!

Luxx continued, “How popular is she? I feel like no one really cares about her existence on this side of the Atlantic, but can’t get a grasp on how successful her career actually is globally. The campaign is neither here nor there for me visually, she looks a bit like a poor man’s Rihanna in that shot.”

“Who?” LagerfeldBoy simply questioned.

Not everyone shared those sentiments — a few forum members actually liked the campaign. “Beautiful, the white hair with the blue dress, eye-catching,” Nymphaea said.

“I like it, I like her hair and the photos used. Rita is very pretty!” TeeVanity quipped.

Yeah…the comments were pretty harsh, but I think maxlinden summed up the general sentiments of our members: “The best thing about this campaign is this thread.”

Can’t lie, it’s a pretty entertaining thread.

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