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Interview’s August Cover with Mia Wasikowska is ‘Dull But Still Beautiful’ (Forum Buzz)

She's best known for her role in Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland back in 2010, and now Mia Wasikowska is Interview's August cover subject. The Australian actress is photographed by Craig McDean, who also shot the 24-year-old for AnOther Magazine's Spring 2014 cover. Shot against an orange backdrop wearing a black sleeveless coat from Celine, a playful Mia stretches out an elastic band while gazing down the lens. Karl Templer styled Mia for both the cover and the cover story.

Interview August 2014 Mia Wasikowska Craig McDean


Most members of our forums aren't so taken with the actress. "Why is Mia always getting covers? And why is she practically Craig McDean's muse? Have to admit she'll in 20 years time be mostly remembered for Alice in Wonderland and will kinda just be an over-hyped indie darling," wrote LylaScans.

"I agree. I´m all into the trendy semi-indie actresses of today (Rooney, Carey, Elizabeth Olsen, etc.) but Mia leaves me so cold and apart from Stoker I can´t say I´m a big fan. This is a great cover though," replied jmrmartinho.

A.D.C. shared their sentiments: "I'm so over Mia. She's like the big screen's Lena Dunham. Who wants to read about her?!?!?"

Nepenthes seemed to be undecided and wrote, "The cover is dull but still beautiful. Thankfully, the editorial is way more interesting. What is she promoting?"

On the other hand, forum member Berlin Rocks had a positive attitude toward the cover: "That's pretty cool. That's how you do an orange background cover. Take note Vogue Paris. Even though black+orange is still aggressive to my eyes in print, the white, the soft portrait, makes it look cool."

The cover story has been posted inside the thread, which can be viewed here. Don't forget to post your own opinion, too!