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Forum Buzz: Michael Kors Reveals Another ‘Boring’ Fall 2014 Campaign

Fall 2014 campaigns are slowly trickling out, and Michael Kors has released the images for his latest offering and well–the shots are definitely classic Kors, but maybe a little too classic for our forum members, who seemed to be wholly unimpressed.

Michael Kors Fall 2014 ad

Image: Courtesy Michael Kors

"Boring as always," said burjuba8910. Moofins agreed: "I always find Kors' campaigns to be cripplingly dull, this isn't an exception."

"Such a good collection, yet same ol' cheesy cliche campaign," quoth HeatherAnne

Though our members can agree that the campaign is a snoozefest, plenty were happy to see Kors regular Karmen Pedaru alongside Benjamin Eidem, who's taking over for Simon Nessman as the face of Michael Kors Men's. 

"Congrats to Ben. A perfect choice for the brand," said HDStoker.

Elfinkova seemed to thoroughly sum up everyone's thoughts: "Karmen's finalized her divorce and a season later she's got a new, sexy man. You go girl. In all seriousness, Benji fits Kors better than Simon ever did. I love Simon, but he looked too young next to the womanly Karmen."

Are you also bored with the campaign? Tell us what you think and join the discussion in our forum.