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Harper’s Bazaar Australia Taps Kate Bosworth for January Cover (Forum Buzz)

Harper's Bazaar Australia January 2013 - Kate BosworthI would be very hard pressed to tell you what Kate Bosworth’s last viable acting project was (other than singing a holiday song for Topshop), but she’s still very much a fashion world darling, as exhibited by her appearance on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Australia’s January issue. As they often do, forum members had mixed reactions to the cover shot, but I also have to point out that this cover bears more than a passing resemblance to Jessica Chastain’s current Vogue Germany cover. Is this the suggested styling and pose for January 2013 in some sort of secret international magazine cover manual that we don’t know about? That weirdness aside, I’ll share some forum member thoughts and reactions.

Blueorchid wrote, “Pretty, but she's like the American version of Sienna Miller to me: a completely irrelevant actress with marginal talent who won't go away.”

“This is beauty now?” HeatherAnne asked. “Photoshopped noses and blown up lips?  Not interested. She looks ridiculous.”

Others, like Maximilian S, were not as critical. “I love it, captivating cover, Kate looks stunning,” he wrote.

I think Kate looks fine, though the Photoshop and the plumped up lips are indeed a bit of a distraction. I just can’t get past the weirdness (I know, I tried) of how similar this cover is to Vogue Germany’s. Just look at them side by side (below) and I dare you to tell me I’m crazy.

Harper's Bazaar Australia and Vogue Germany - January 2013 Issues

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