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Jessica Chastain (and Lots of Red Gucci Fabric) Covers Vogue Germany’s January Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Germany January 2013 - Jessica Chastain photographed by Bruce WeberBruce Weber photographed actress and fashion darling Jessica Chastain swathed in red Gucci for the cover of Vogue Germany’s January 2013 issue. To ring in the New Year, the issue features things that (most) people are currently obsessed with – like their cover girl, Downton Abbey cast members, and Kate Upton. Picky Fashion Spot forum members don’t always speak for “most people” though.

Melancholybaby wrote, “The sleeve looks like she's wearing an ugly hat, and honestly that's what it took to ruin the cover for me. Nice to see Bruce Weber shooting an issue of Vogue Germany again though,” he added.

SugarMe fell somewhere in the middle, saying, “I've never been impressed with or convinced of Jessica Chastain's status as a fashion icon. It always feels so forced. However, this is a nice cover… I was kind of dreading seeing Gucci SS13 on covers, but I like the way it's being used here.”

“I think this cover of Jessica is really eye-catching,” YoninahAliza posted. “I like the all red color palette, it works here. And I love seeing two of my favorite girls, Michelle Dockery and Jessica Chastain, in any edition of Vogue. They are so fantastic.”

In addition to her cover, Chastain was photographed in an All That Jazz-themed editorial with French actor Omar Sy. Weber also photographed the aforementioned Downton Abbey cast, in addition to a massive Kate Upton editorial (that you can see here, here, and here).

Is Kate Upton a bona fide fashion phenomenon yet? I think yes. I’m kind of hooked, and so apparently is Vogue Germany, but what about the rest of you? Jessica Chastain may be on the cover, but Kate’s stealing the thunder.