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Snejana Onopka is Stunning in Tom Ford Beauty’s New Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Tom Ford Beauty - Snejana Onopka & Tom Ford by Mert & MarcusTom Ford knows how to make women look beautiful, and if his ads are any indication, he knows how to sell makeup. In his latest Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott-photographed beauty campaign for Fall 2012, Ford tapped Ukranian model Snejana Onopka to put her best face forward. Ford, as usual, is lurking in the background. Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury expertly adorned Snejana with a smoky eye and potent red lip. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want every product she’s wearing to magically appear in my overcrowded makeup drawer.

I wasn’t the only one taken in by the campaign, but I think all of us in the Fashion Spot forums are wondering when Tom Ford is going to literally step out of the spotlight. “It would be better if Tom wasn’t creeping in the back, but Snejana really does look quite stunning,” KINGofVERSAILLES posted.

Agee wrote, “Damn they both look beautiful and they both look like they know they look beautiful. Tom Ford does look creepy but he also looks hot in this image; at this point I think that I would be disappointed if he did not creepily appear in the background.”

Tigerrouge called the ad, “Seriously gorgeous. But I do wish Tom Ford would stop filling up space in his adverts with his own face ­– 'the suave voyeur' seems to be his trademark pose – and he seems to think that if he doesn't appear in front of us every five minutes, we might forget what he looks like and his brand identity will dissipate. The brand needs to be based on something more than the constant sight of his artificially smooth forehead,” she continued, “because even with the best intervention of the surgeon and the airbrush, his physical self isn't going to last forever, and at some point, the sight of him loitering around young people's body parts is going to start to be unsettling.”

Is Tom Ford’s “suave voyeur” pose ready to be retired? I think we should prepare ourselves to see him at least a few more times. My guess is that he hasn’t gotten the suave voyeur fully out of his system quite yet.