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Are Rattails Back In? Daria Werbowy Seems to Think So (Forum Buzz)

Daria Werbowy by Cass BirdSome would argue (like me, I would argue) that rattails never are, were, or will be in style, but it looks like Daria Werbowy is not one of those people. The latest ads for Céline already tipped us off that Daria had lopped off her lustrous locks, but new images by photographer Cass Bird reveal that she is also currently sporting a dreaded rattail. A blonde, braided rattail no less. I can’t decide if that makes it less offensive.

“Like, for real?” Asked lelaid. “A blonde rat's tail? How white trash.”

Frws doesn’t have a problem with the new ‘do. “She does look much older with that hair but I must admit that I love it!!” she exclaimed. “It's something new and different from the usual and that's why.”

I can’t fault her on the “new and different” comment, but a rattail is a rattail and I can’t get on board.