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Karl Lagerfeld Gets the My Little Pony Treatment

My Little Karl

If you already thought My Little Pony dolls were super creepy and weird, Berlin-based artist Mari Kasurinen's latest project is all about making them weirder. Kasurinen styles the children's toys as pop icons, because it's funny and skewers celebrity culture and is pretty much the ultimate Internet bait. Her My Little Elvis and My Little Gaga dolls are all well and good, but nothing compares to My Little Karl, inspired by the Chanel designer. She literalized his signature pin-straight white ponytail! Talk about a fashion statement. Karl Lagerfeld should take note here and do her one better: how about at the next Chanel show, he sends models down the runway with swishy white tails attached to their bottoms? Or, whatever.

[via Racked]