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Mischa Barton is Back on Our Radar (Forum Buzz)

Mischa Barton at the beachIt’s been a while since we loved to love Mischa Barton in her high fashion O.C. beauty days, but some recent images of her looking happy and healthy at the beach have brought her back on our radar. Wearing a chic black bikini with a pair of white-rimmed sunglasses while sunbathing with a friend, forum members were happy to see Mischa looking so good. The actress has reportedly just finished work on a project called The Misadventures of Ben Banks.

“Mischa looks the best she has looked in a very long time! She looks great!” wickedcrazyness exclaimed.

Melly5525 wrote, “So pretty and looking fab in that bathing suit. Her new movie sounds good, hope to see a lot more of her on the red carpet in 2012.”

Iluvjeisa posted, “She looks fantastic all around, I think… happy, healthy and still with that quirky off-beat style intact.”

It’s nice to see glimmers of the Mischa we used to love. Here’s hoping she keeps doing whatever she’s doing because it looks like it’s working.

Image: tifan via the Fashion Spot forums.