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Fresh Face Kendra Anderson Stops by the Fashion Spot Forums (Forum Buzz)

Kendra Anderson in Interview November 2011Forum members were pleasantly surprised this morning when young model, Kendra Anderson posted as KendraLynn in her thread in the Fashion Spot forums. 

“I hope that I do a lot to make this thread grow. Now that you know I will be watching… be nice.” 

She ended her comment with a laugh, but Kendra has nothing to worry about. The six-foot-tall fifteen-year-old model appeared in Interview’s November 2011 issue when she was photographed by Mikael Jansson and styled by Karl Templar in an editorial with other young models showing off Salvatore Ferragamo’s clothes. Recently signed with New York Models, Kendra is now listed in the agency’s group of fresh faces.

Forum members had encouraging words for Kendra. “Your Interview photo is stunning, all of your shots are highly impressive for a newbie. Hope you'll stick around after your star rises… because it will,” HeatherAnne predicted.

DanniCullen posted: “[Kendra] is too cute for words. It's crazy she's so young, but so tall.”

Kendra Anderson - New York ModelsKendra Anderson - New York Models

“[Casting Agent] Michelle Lee always picks the best fresh face,” Flashbang asserted. “It's a great start for [Kendra] to be in Interview! Such a striking, pristine feature,” he added.

Kendra Anderson - New York ModelsKendra Anderson - New York Models

Clearly we’re all hoping to see more of Kendra in our magazines and we welcome her to drop in on her thread in the Fashion Spot forums any time.

Images: Interview Magazine and New York Models via the Fashion Spot forums.