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Bruno Pieters Collaborates With Weekday (Forum Buzz)

Belgian fashion designer Bruno Pieters may have shuttered his eponymous label two years ago, but now the former director of Hugo is dipping his toes back into the fashion world through a collaboration with fashion retailer Weekday. The collection for Weekday is dominated by elegantly clean and simple designs with elongated and narrow silhouettes in wool, cotton, and modal. 

Bruno Pieters for Weekday collaborationBruno Pieters for Weekday collaboration

It seems like this may be the beginning of a comeback for Pieters, who supposedly is hoping to immerse himself in the creation of a line under his own name through the end of the year. News of his return was welcomed by his fans in the Fashion Spot forums. 
“YES!! He was missed, I'm so glad to see him coming back!” Petit Lucille exclaimed.
“Ahh I was just wondering about him the other day,” MulletProof mused. “It's so incredible, you rarely hear about real/solid comebacks after financial struggles when it comes to designers. [I’m] really happy for him and obviously looking forward to his new line.”
Bruno Pieters for Weekday collaborationBruno Pieters for Weekday collaboration
Tricotineacetat was glad to hear of Pieters’ reemergence but had some reservations about the quality of the Weekday collaboration. “Nice that he makes a return, not so nice to consider that it will likely result in clothes with even worse quality materials and finishing than his own line already was,” he wrote. “Hugo gave him a good platform to realize the same (or even better) degree of quality as his own line, which partially accounted for the reason why his own label suffered during his double-duty… with Weekday backing this collaboration, I can't imagine how his clean line would translate well. I am having my doubts.”
The collection for both men and women will hit Weekday stores on October 14, so if you’re in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway or Germany, then you’re in luck. It doesn’t look like Weekday does any e-commerce, so the rest of us may just have to trawl for this on ebay.

Images: via the Fashion Spot forums.