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We Smell a Rat in Chanel’s Latest Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

When Northern Star posted his scans of the latest shots of Chanel’s Fall 2011 ad campaign featuring model Freja Beha Erichsen, the first puzzled reaction from Flashbang seemed to sum up the general consensus when he wrote, “What the…”

Chanel Fall 2011 ad - Freja Beha Erichsen

Several forum members seemed to be at a loss for words to describe the Carine Roitfeld-styled campaign that was photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, but mackos was able to speak up. “Karl having lost his mind doesn't surprise me, but Carine being involved in it? Really.”

Ives927 at least enjoyed the novelty of Chanel’s latest ad campaign. “Finally, something different for Chanel,” he wrote. “It's a bit wacky, but I'll take it. At least it's not boring.”

Chanel Fall 2011 ads - Freja Beha Erichsen

The ads may not be boring, but it’s not often that they actually make you feel bad for the model. ALAUU posted, “Oh poor Freja. She's the only girl in the campaign of the most elegant fashion house in the world and they decide to dress her up like Catwoman.”

HPrince had a different interpretation of Freja’s getup. “Now, really, do you guys still think that's a cat???? After the message on her forehead [which roughly translates to ‘it isn’t in fashion if it doesn’t hit the streets!'], the photo-booth… Streets… Urban… Underground… Literally! Subway station! Photo booths are common on subway stations, right? And what else is common? Cats? WRONG!! RATS!!! Freja is dressed up like a rat!!” This makes a little too much sense, and suddenly this campaign has gone from bad to worse.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums, scans by Northern Star.