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NYFW Fall 2011 Hits and Misses: Day 3 (Forum Buzz)

Read on for some of the Fashion Spot forum's picks for the highs and lows of the third day of NYFW.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2011 Forum Hits Day 3 - Prabal Gurung, Alexander Wang, Vivienne TamThe hits: Prabal Gurung, Alexander Wang, Vivienne Tam


Prabal Gurung

“I'm absolutely OBSESSED with this collection. Amazing. From the hair to the shoes to the clothes themselves just perfect.” [KaraDanielle]

“Honestly, I never got the hype surrounding [Prabal Gurung] regarding his previous collections, until now. If anything, I think this is probably his best collection thus far… What I do love about this is that there's this underlying dark mood the collection's evoking while having a subtle glamour aspect to it.” [LagerfeldBoy

“Wow! I'm going to be honest, I never thought he had it in him but this was one of the very best collections I've seen in a long time. I know it's early on to say such a thing but it was sooo good. It was dark, fun, delicate yet rough, ladylike yet youthful. My jaw kept dropping lower and lower. There are so many nice pieces in it that I need to see more of.” [saann]


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Alexander Wang 

“I'm absolutely amazed by this! This is more than far better than what I expected. Everything aside from these fur shoes was fantastic!!!” [FakeFlower]

“Considering the runway, the clothes, the accessories, and the music (Nicki Minaj), this has to be the best show New York has had to offer me so far this season.” [VogueParisLover]

“I actually LOVED this collection. I mean God-awful fur shoes and sunglasses aside this was a great collection. I loved the tailored pieces in the collection and the shredded satin dresses were beautiful. It was very classic Alexander.” [Chris_Couture05]

“[Alexander Wang is] definitely still experimenting and taking risks but while I totally thought his last collection seemed forced and as if he really badly wanted to prove he could do something other than wearable clothes for hipsters I feel this is different. I feel like he finally designs and doesn't just try to create something weird and edgy. I think there are some fabulous pieces in this collection and it looks great both as a whole and as individual looks and pieces… I think Wang has done a good job. He's getting a lot of flak for rising to stardom so quickly and while being so young but I feel like every new collection of his is a step into the right direction, I can see he evolves and is continuously getting better at what he does.” [Psylocke]

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Vivienne Tam 

“This is so awesome! I love the coats, especially the dark blue ones, and I adore the prints and kind of tribal patterns.” [rouge_red]

“[This collection] feels very young, and sweet. Some of the dresses are [to die for]! Lovely.” [Not Plain Jane]

“I really like a lot of the dresses in this collection… [Vivienne Tam is] great at little details… it's those details that can take a simple top or dress from ordinary to extraordinary, and that makes her clothes special.” [ChrissyM]

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“I feel like he is still finding himself. There is no consistency between collections. Wang + Rodarte x Gap = Altuzarra.” [masquerade]

“It strikes [me] as one of those collections that only wannabe kids would wear to prove how 'daring' they look. It's not a flattering collection, most of these pieces would be difficult to wear. And those thigh high slits are pelvis-high!” [Squizree]

“There is something about this collection that I appreciate. It feels more pared down and less designed than a lot of what he's done so far, especially compared to last season's messy outing. This doesn't seem as intent on being interesting for the sake of it and it's not trying to be cutting edge, thank God. Still, some consistency would be nice after five seasons.” [Spike413]

“Altuzarra had such beautiful collections about [a year and a half] ago—what happened? There used to be refinement to his clothes. This is just a bad copy of Alexander Wang.” [Meg]

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Charlotte Ronson  

“Not a fan…she's highly overrated.” [liberty33r1b]

“I will never understand this label. Looks so forever21.” [masquerade]

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