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NYFW Fall 2011 Hits and Misses: Days 1 and 2 (Forum Buzz)

New York Fashion Week is officially underway and the Fashion Spot forums are busily weighing in on all of the collections. Read on for some of the highs and lows from the first two days of NYFW. 

NYFW Fall 2011 Forum Buzz Hits - BCBG, Doo.Ri, Rag & BoneThe Hits: BCBG, Doo.Ri, Rag & Bone


BCBG Max Azria 

“What a nice start for fashion month! I found the BCBG Max Azria show very beautiful and feminine. Same Azria like always but this time with a little pop of color via the red and sexiness brought by the knee-length boots. Definitely an interesting show with everyday clothes that every young woman would want to wear. [dodencebt]

“The delicate, summery evening dresses were beautiful and made appropriate by being worn over the white turtlenecks. But it was quite underwhelming, probably because it was expected. The designs always seem quite basic, probably due to the price range, but they are still beautiful and I always look forward to their show.” [Crying Diamonds

“Looks very sleek and refined; I’m always cautious about BCBG, sometimes they do good work and other times, not so much. What's seen here is very good though. Strong direction and progressive design.” [jeremydante]

“I actually really like [this] collection, its wearable but not dull, very city chic.” [Melly5525]

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“I'm actually quite fond of this collection. I can't even pick a favorite look because I love everything. The colors, fabrics, shapes and cuts are all amazing.” [Psylocke]

“I always always love her work; this [is] no exception!! What a great collection, probably my favorite so far. Everything looks amazing!!” [Liberty331rb]

“I love [Doo-Ri Chung’s] work, she never disappoints. I love her use of different textures and the draping. It's a more understated beauty, even with the revealing pieces. I love this so much. Even when adapting trends into her work she never gives the impression of trying too hard.” [saann]

“Wow, I really love this. This is the best I have seen from [Doo.Ri] in a long time. The gowns at the end are fantastic.” [Masquerade]

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Rag & Bone 

“Definitely my favorite collection from NYFW at the moment. Love the bold colors and cuts. I would almost wear every single piece from it.” [Yesitsdagny]

“Talk about a cluster of references, colors, textures, prints, and overall ideas. This is the collection to top. The leggings/socks should get a lot of editorial coverage. For me, this collection definitely spoke to very American fashion, if an identity was to be slapped on… It's evident where the Balenciaga comparison comes in, but this collection is very much Rag & Bone. Also, the styling is very well thought out. Not very many American based designers can pull off the 'more is more' mantra, but this collection nailed it.” [kingchic]

“I'm head over heels in love with this! Definitely a gazillion times better than last season's raver collection… I feel like they managed to incorporate whatever they were trying last season with their own distinctive style and this is the outcome. It's so gorgeous. It's modern but dated at the same time, it's pretty and also kind of ugly but it's so cohesive as a collection and the superb styling makes this a perfect collection.” [Psylocke]

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NYFW Forum Buzz Misses - Vena Cava, Christian Siriano, Jason WuThe Misses: Vena Cava, Christian Siriano, Jason Wu


Vena Cava 

“The couple polka-dot pieces are about all I really like, which is disappointing as I like some of [Vena Cava’s] earlier work. This just has a bad-trampy-90s vibe. I like some 90s fashion, but not this take.” [Not Plain Jane]

“Just bad, what were they thinking??” [Liberty33r1b]

"There are a few nice pieces in this mess… but my God, what a mess it is. I get what they were going for with the hair and makeup but it ended up making the collection look even worse than it is.” [saann]

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Christian Siriano

“I think [Siriano has] yet to harness that sense of…tact. The fabrics still appear cheap. I think being his sixth show now, he should learn to go a little higher.” [Littleearthquakes]

“I’m really disappointed with this collection… the [vision] and style is there but the execution and fabric choice is a little off.” [Forwardmotionis]

“How does that line from Fight Club go? ‘Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy…’” [Not Plain Jane]

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Jason Wu 

“The collection was way too similar to last season's. [Jason Wu is] hugely talented and his dresses are so beautiful and flattering but he needs to evolve because chances are he's getting too boring too soon if he does the same looks all over again.” [Psylocke]

“There's no [denying] that the Wu show was beautiful, like always, but I felt that it was extremely unoriginal. I do get that the inspiration was classic French beauty, but come on. [A few of the] dresses were very Valentino… the feather dress was very Chanel, gold print on jackets were very McQueen, tights [were] very Loewe and collars [were] very Miu Miu. Is it too much to ask for a little originality when creating a collection?” [dodencebt]

“I think [the collection is] nice and wearable, it's just lacking that final polish to really give that sensation that the collection usually brings. My main problem is the lace. I really wish he wouldn't have used lace because it makes most of the pieces look really old and it seems like it was just added to the pieces as an afterthought instead of being an integral part of what some looks were supposed to be.” [Fantastical]

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Photos: Vincenzo Grillo, IMAXtree