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Forum Buzz: Anna Dello Russo Dresses Down; Bazaar Cover Deja Vu

Is Blake Lively Slated to be the New Carrie Bradshaw? reported that Hollywood is looking to fill the Sex and the City void by creating a prequel film that will focus on a 19-year-old Carrie’s move from Connecticut to New York City. Sex and the City producer Michael Patrick King supposedly wants Blake Lively to fill the shoes of the young Carrie. “No offense to [Sarah Jessica Parker] but Blake is WAY more gorgeous than she is… seriously. They look nothing alike,” said Ponyshow. Label Basher was quicker to get over the lack of resemblance between the two actresses. “I mean [Blake Lively] looks nothing like [Sarah Jessica Parker] but could you just imagine the clothes?! OMG I die,” she said. Melly5525 was also excited about the prospect. “I could totally see Blake as Carrie in that movie,” she wrote. “I hope it happens.”

Blake Lively the new Carrie Bradshaw?


Anna Dello Russo Dresses Down

Anna Dello Russo dresses downAnna Dello Russo, Fashion Editor-at-Large and Creative Consultant for Vogue Nippon, once again changed up her shock tactics this week by dressing down and being photographed in street clothes. The usually over-the-top Dello Russo looked casually chic in a grey sweater, loosely knotted scarf, skinny jeans tucked into flat boots and oversized sunglasses. “Oh no it's like she's a regular person,” joked Label Basher. “The Illusion is broken.” 

Most forum members loved the transformation. “She looks gorgeous,” said missnyc. “It's great to see her wearing ‘normal’ clothes.” Ziegfeld Girl agreed, saying: “It's strange not seeing Anna all dolled up in the middle of the day but I really like this casual look on her.” 

xPedro for one, is ready for another dose of the Anna Dello Russo he's come to know and love. “I don't like that outfit,” he wrote. “I would've loved to see her walking in a gold McQueen dress in the middle of Rome, THAT would be amazing!” If Dello Russo’s past fashion choices are any indication, xPedro’s wish is likely to become a reality at some point. Either way, tFS will be watching and waiting to comment on her fashion week wardrobe. 


Kim Kardashian Graces the Cover of Harper’s Bazaar

Kim Kardashian is the cover girl for Harper’s Bazaar’s March 2011 issue and tFS forum members are not too pleased about it. “This is too similar to the Christina Hendricks cover for me to appreciate,” posted saann. “And Kim Kardashian? I guess they will do anything to sell copies these days,” she added.

Though many lamented the choice of Kim Kardashian for the cover, there was also an air of disappointment for the direction that Bazaar as a magazine has been heading in. “This is a magazine that used to compete with Vogue, right?” asked blueorchid. Northern Star wrote: “The cover is nice enough I suppose, and Kim looks pretty, but I have just about given up with this magazine. Everything about it had gone seriously downhill and then some. I can't even be arsed to look at the contents anymore, and having Kim on the cover has just about knocked the nail in the coffin for me. She is so uninteresting.” Purpledinosaurxo stated simply: “I have lost all respect for Harper’s.” Will April’s issue revive the forum’s faith in Harper’s Bazaar or will it sink even lower? “Who's next?” asked tanii94, “Snooki?” Let’s hope not…

Kim Kardashian and Christina Hendricks Bazaar

Pregnant Posh to Pose Nude for the Cover of Vogue?

Rumor has it that a Victoria Beckham is in talks with Vogue about posing nude for the cover of an upcoming issue. Upon hearing the news, tFS forum members felt apprehensive. “Oh dear… am not sure I’d like to see this woman naked,” commented KissMiss. Tigerrouge had more of a problem with the concept than with the actual nudity: “I don't mind pregnancy shots, but personally I wouldn't see the appeal of this one – she's famous for the way she wears clothes, not for how she doesn't.” stardust2401 was skeptical that the rumors even had any basis in reality. “Victoria wants to get a US Vogue cover,” she said, “But I doubt she is that desperate.”