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Forum Buzz: Falling in Love with Elizabeth Olsen; tFS Reacts to Catwoman Casting

Move over Mary-Kate & Ashley, another Olsen sister’s star is on the rise, and Anne Hathaway had better start sharpening her claws, the tFS forums are mixed on casting her as Catwoman.


Elizabeth OlsenAnother Olson Sister Registers on tFS’s Radar

With rave reviews for her roles in two films, Martha Macy Marlene and Silent House, that are both screening at Sundance this year, Elizabeth Olson (the younger sister of mega-famous Mary-Kate and Ashley) is starting to create some major buzz. While she doesn’t seem to have a strong signature look like her sisters, tFS members are praising Elizabeth for her laid-back style. But even more than her style, posters are happy to see that she hasn’t inherited her sisters’ penchant for pursing their lips in photographs – a pet peeve in the forums for years now. “I like how she has a normal smile with teeth instead of ducklips,” says loladonna.


tFS Reacts: Anne Hathaway is Cast as Catwoman in the New Batman

Last week’s announcement that Anne Hathaway would join the cast of Christopher Nolan’s new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, in the role of Catwoman was met with a bit of skepticism from the tFS forums. “I adore Anne but… I jut don’t see it,” says Bella_Lass334. "Just when I thought Christopher Nolan had stopped miscasting his female characters. I hope they prove me wrong.” Others, such as mordant, were more optimistic about the casting. “I think Anne is one of the most talented actresses out there,” she says. “With her skill and Nolan’s direction, I don’t doubt that she’ll make a great Catwoman. Just give her a chance, I’m sure she’ll surprise some people.”