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PETA Slams More Australian Retailers for Using Angora Fur


The Just Group PETA

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PETA doesn’t just hate Sportsgirl for its use of angora fur, the animal-friendly folk are now slamming other top Australian retailers for using the wool of angora rabbits, too. The Just Group, which owns a chunk of popular Australian chain stores, including Portmans, Just Jeans, Dotti and Jay Jays, are next on PETA’s ever-growing chopping block.

Although other Australian retailers and designers like David Jones, Myer, George Wu and Alexi Freeman have all promised to not use wool from angora rabbits, The Just Group told PETA it won’t be joining the pledge and will continue to sell items made from angora fur.

Over on the PETA Australia site, the organisation is encouraging all to take action by writing to The Just Group’s Executive, Colette Garnsey. If you’re not sure what to tell the lady, that’s all good, because PETA has prepared the letter for you. It starts off like this:

“Dear Ms Garnsey, I was shocked to hear that Just Group has failed to join other Australian retailers and designers who have pledged not to use angora wool and angora blends in their clothing lines.”

After a couple more detailed sentences of the horrific process the rabbits endure to produce the fur, the letter wraps up, ending with, “Please take immediate action to introduce a policy banning this cruelly produced wool.”

Whether or not you help clog Colette’s inbox is up to you. To find out a little more about the matter, you can (at your own risk) check out PETA’s gruesome image of the angora fur being ripped from the rabbits’ bodies and join the ethical treatment of animals Facebook conversation.