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Vogue Turkey’s July Cover ‘Looks Like Something Thrown Together Last Minute’ (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Turkey released its latest issue just before the weekend. For the July 2014 cover, the magazine decided on a trio of girls to front the issue, including Jeneil Williams, Katlin Aas and Devon Windsor. Photographed by Jem Mitchell, the girls are seen lying in a field of flowers while donning floral lace dresses to enhance the mood of the cover. In spite of the magazine giving us a bevy of beauties, Vogue Turkey's efforts have fallen flat with most of our forum members.

Vogue Turkey July 2014 Jeneil Katlin Devon


"Great idea for a cover. Great trio of girls. But unfortunately it doesn't look good," commented mikel.

"I just don't like how the far left girl is chopped, but it's a lovely photo and I love how the pink masthead complements the flowers," shared Srdjan.

In the same frame of mind, justaguy thought the cover was more of an afterthought: "I get the concept here, but somehow, the end result looks like something thrown together last minute."

Forum memberĀ anlabe32 made a heavy statement: "Worst cover of 2014 so far, and Jeneil looks awful."

MulletProof wasn't so convinced the girls looked Vogue-worthy and wrote, "They all look like they were picked up from a bus stop and asked to do a Vogue cover 2 hours later."

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