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Gisele Bundchen Goes to the Dark Side for Balenciaga’s Fall Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Set to be hailed as theFashionSpot's campaign queen of the season, Gisele Bundchen has landed yet another ad campaign. Back in February, Alexander Wang asked Bundchen to walk his third runway show for Balenciaga during Paris Fashion Week, so it's no wonder she was chosen for the French fashion house's Fall 2014 campaign. Lensed by Steven Klein, we see the Brazilian chameleon sport a shaved head whilst striking a pose surrounded by cracked mirrors.

Ad Campaign Balenciaga Fall 2014 Gisele Bundchen Steven Klein


Our forums members are loving Wang's choice this season. "Gisele overload and I ain't complaining, AMAZING!" commented Riseup.

"Wow… I am soo loving these Balenciaga Ads!! I love Gisele's transformation. Such a kick *** campaign so far!!" exclaimed fashionlover2001.

TheoG shared the same sentiments: "I like what I see here, very dark and masculine (mostly because of hair) but the direction of this is cool, leaves me interested to see the rest."

"Damn this looks wicked cool," wrote Elfinkova, who even went on to say, "I'm going to call it first and say this is going to be the best campaign this season."

Forum member littlekiki thinks we're seeing too much of Gisele: "Too much Gisele. I like the campaign though so I shouldn't complain," she wrote.

I'm surprised there's relatively no mention of Gisele's missing golden tresses! She's all about her hair and it's the first thing I look at whenever there's a new image circulating. Although it's surprising how much she doesn't need it with her gorgeous bone structure.

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