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Ángela Molina Finally Scores a Vogue Spain Cover for May 2022

Unfortunately, it’s a very rare occasion to see women over 50 greet us down at newsstands. So we’re always happy when they do. Whether it’s Judi Dench making history as British Vogue‘s oldest cover star, Sharon Stone popping up on Vogue Portugal or Jane Fonda covering Vogue Poland, we approve. At 66, Ángela Molina finally becomes a Vogue Spain cover star with the magazine’s May 2022 issue. Captured by Camila Falquez and styled by Alba Melendo, the Spanish actress strikes a pose in a crochet dress from Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2022 collection for the cover shot.

Vogue España May 2022 : Ángela Molina by Camilla Falquez


Members of our forums, however, are divided over the outcome. “I love Ángela Molina and her face remains as beautiful as always…but that cover is atrocious. Her close-ups would have been much better covers,” noted YohjiAddict.

“Ángela Molina sounded like a dream and brought back some sweet memories from my younger years, but the result isn’t exactly as thrilling as I thought. Quite a pity because they had a stunning opportunity to make an interesting cover…” added penny609.

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“Can’t say I even knew who Ángela Molina was, but it’s wonderful to see a mature woman grace the cover of Vogue and always nice to see homegrown talent being supported. A shame the cover itself, however, isn’t cause for celebration,” voiced vogue28.

“Such beautiful portraits of the woman and yet they decided that the zoomed out option was the way to go?” aracic pointed out.

“Terrible cover,” proclaimed Xone.

But the cover found a few fans. “I actually like it. Love seeing older women on Vogue,” appreciated FashionMuseDior.

“Ángela Molina looks stunning! Gorgeous cover!” raved WAVES.

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Gisele Bündchen Sizzles on British Vogue’s June 2022 Cover

Not only does Edward Enninful regularly break new ground with British Vogue‘s front covers. The editor extraordinaire also endorses models, which is something we applaud. Enninful celebrated models of African decent, gave Kristen McMenamy her long-overdue cover and helped Lila Moss follow in her mother’s footsteps just last month. Now for June 2022 Gisele Bündchen returns to the British fashion bible’s front cover seven years after her last appearance. In the alluring cover image, the Brazilian beauty works a plunging Michael Kors Collection jumpsuit, high heels and a head full of curls before the lens of Steven Meisel.

UK Vogue June 2022 : Gisele Bündchen by Steven Meisel


“YES, I’m screaming! A REAL, REAL, REAL SUPERMODEL and MEISEL? On a Vogue  cover? I will buy this! Gisele looks gooooood!” declared Bertrando3.

“The fact that they took Meisel out of his studio is a win for me,” approved JPineapple.

“The way she eats up the new girls… Gisele is really one in a million,” voiced Serend1pity.

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“FANTASTIC! Oh, it’s so good to see Meisel away from a gray backdrop AND have it be with an icon like Gisele. It’s sexy, it’s glamorous — it’s the perfect antidote to the never-ending drab we’re seeing these days,” LastNight pointed out.

“Shaking, crying, throwing up. This is fantastic! What more could you ask for? Gisele looks incredible and it’s so exciting to see Meisel on location! Definitely a must-have,” raved aracic.

“Glorious to say the least, an absolute knockout of a cover. It’s rich, it’s luxurious and the glamour is just pouring out of the image. Also…the hair!” exclaimed an elated vogue28.

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Maryel Uchida Takes to the Cover of Vogue Japan for June 2022

Like multiple other editions of Vogue, Vogue Japan is under new management with Tiffany Godoy at the helm. Asian representation appears to be at the top of the agenda as Mika Schneider, HoYeon Jung and Yumi Nu have starred on recent issues of the Japanese fashion bible. Now Maryel Uchida is featured on the June 2022 issue through the lens of photographer Hanna Moon. The firm favorite of Maria Grazia Chiuri is decked out in a look from Giorgio Armani’s Spring 2022 collection courtesy of Vanessa Reid for the cover image, which marks the Japanese-Brazilian beauty’s debut Vogue cover appearance.

Vogue Japan June 2022 : Maryel Uchida by Hanna Moon


“I love how every issue focusing on youth ends up looking dull and boring,” quipped MON.

“When’s ‘The Era of Old People’ going to dawn? It would be almost as groundbreaking as these magazines think they’re being with their endless youth issues. Yawn,” A.D.C. chimed in.

“This is Teen Vogue quality. So bad,” declared balmain1914.

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“Nothing groundbreaking here. Who is she? I miss big name models on covers,” admitted WAVES.

“I miss Anna Dello Russo,” confessed marsnoop2.

“A crying shame to witness another edition of Vogue fall so hard in such a short space of time. The cover does zilch for me I’m afraid and I sit here unable to appreciate a single element — hate that orb/ball of light and the total lack of presence from Maryel Uchida!” exclaimed vogue28.

“It’s nice, but it could’ve been better,” said FashionMuseDior.

“Well, we’ve seen worse,” GivenchyHomme pointed out.

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Jennifer Connelly Wears Louis Vuitton (Natch) on Vogue Greece’s May 2022 Covers

Make no mistake, Vogue Greece has been in our good graces since its triumphant relaunch back in 2019. Covers with Bella Hadid, Sasha Pivovarova, Victoria Beckham, Candice Huffine and Jessica Chastain have captivated us, while Carla Bruni and Helena Christensen helped the magazine celebrate three years of print just last month. Following a 14-year hiatus from gracing the cover of Vogue solo, the Greek fashion bible welcomes actress Jennifer Connelly back for May 2022. Captured by Mark Seliger and styled by Michael Philouze, the longtime friend and muse of Nicolas Ghesquière fronts two covers showcasing looks from Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2022 collection.

Vogue Greece May 2022 : Jennifer Connelly by Mark Seliger


One cover stood out. “The second cover is really good. The first one not that much,” critiqued matheus_s.

“The first cover is bland, but I like the second one,” echoed VogueGirl8910.

“I prefer the second cover since on the first one her expression is not great. The colors on the cover are rich, but it feels like an autumn or winter cover for me. Kudos for making those Louis Vuitton garments look good,” praised WAVES.

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“I do like the first cover, but the cropping is terrible… The second, yes, I like that, too,” noted Xone.

“Jennifer’s perfectly sculpted face makes sense for Vogue Greece. I like it!” approved FashionMuseDior.

“I see Jennifer Connelly and I approve. Love her,” raved MyNameIs.

But not everyone is buying it. “Both covers are terrible. Her leg looks awkward on the first one. The second one is equally awkward with her hand in her pocket. The clothes are dark, ugly and heavy,” commented mepps.

“In terms of Jennifer Connelly, for me, nothing will touch those covers of American Vogue, Vanity Fair and British Harper’s Bazaar from way back when. Those were glorious while Vogue Greece’s take on Jennifer here is somewhat…lackluster. Genuinely cannot call out a positive attribute of either cover!” exclaimed vogue28.

Vogue Greece May 2022 : Jennifer Connelly by Mark Seliger


Which cover do you prefer? Join the debate here.

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Alice Mann Captures Christian Dior’s Pre-Fall 2022 Campaign

The ever-revolving door of campaign photographers at Christian Dior continues to rotate. Since Maria Grazia Chiuri took the helm of the French fashion house back in 2016, we’ve encountered ads from Brigitte Lacombe, Paola Mattioli, Elina Kechicheva and Brigitte Niedermair with the latter capturing Dior’s campaign last season. For Pre-Fall 2022, Alice Mann steps behind the lens to take group portraits of Emi Stankovic, Greta Hofer, Isheja Morella, Jiali Zhao, Manuela Sanchez, Maryel Uchida, Naomi Ekindi and Steinberg for the ode to sisterhood.

Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2022 by Alice Mann


In the eyes of our forum members, however, it’s a total flop. “Horrible casting as usual,” complained avonlea002.

“Looks like the angry girls group from last season has new recruits this pre-fall. Another tragic campaign,” echoed Ed..

“Terrible casting with terrible clothes. I do like the composition/idea of the campaign, but when nothing else looks good, there’s no salvation,” voiced an underwhelmed WAVES.

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Frederic01 is also far from impressed: “Boring campaign and hideous styling. Photographing luxury clothes in an abandoned and decrepit parking lot is so stupid. The people who came up with this as a concept probably think it’s really cutting edge and cool.”

“This reminds me of that scene in Westworld when they found all the lifeless old robots in the basement,” GivenchyHomme pointed out.

“The backdrop is too industrial and not really connecting with the schoolgirl vibes of the clothes,” noted Felipe Wiedmer.

“Another absolute dud of a Christian Dior campaign… Too many girls, a total lack of energy and beyond bland photography from Alice Mann! Dumbfounded as to how this bland imagery is supposed to sell a collection,” critiqued vogue28.

Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2022 by Alice Mann


Are you a fan? Share your thoughts on the Pre-Fall 2022 campaign from Christian Dior here.

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Mika Schneider Rocks Chanel on Vogue Hong Kong’s May 2022 Covers

We’ve certainly come to rely on Luigi & Iango for glamour. Luckily, Vogue Hong Kong regularly commissions the photographic duo. Since the title’s debut back in 2019, we’ve enjoyed covers lensed by the creative twosome featuring top-tier models like Vittoria Ceretti, Kate Moss, Akon Changkou along with Natalia Vodianova. Mika Schneider fronts this month’s issue (marking her fourth Vogue cover appearance this year) via a pair of absolutely delightful May 2022 covers. The French-Japanese beauty and current face of Moschino poses in Chanel Pre-Fall 2022 pieces picked by Schanel Bakkouche for the studio-shot images.

Vogue Hong Kong May 2022 : Mika Schneider by Luigi & Iango


Our forum members definitely like what they see. “I love that every cover of Vogue Hong Kong has the same layout,” appreciated mikel.

“Stunning covers, reminds me of Vogue Japan in their last years of glory…” voiced VogueGirl8910.

“Oh, I like it. Simple and there’s a sadness in her eyes,” noted oaklee91.

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“Mika Schneider seems to be the model of the year. She’s scored lots of Vogue covers,” ivano pointed out.

“Mika’s passive-aggressive attitude pairs beautifully with Chanel. There is a strictness, a by-the-book approach to this that I find immensely, irrationally satisfying. A controlled environment is a slap in the face of chaos. Fantastic team work, fantastic,” applauded an obviously thrilled Horizontina.

“The styling feels very Chanel circa 2005…I approve just because of Mika,” said YohjiAddict.

“Glorious covers, by far Mika Schneider’s strongest. I’m here for the Chanel overload, very 2005 indeed in terms of styling and the beauty styling complements Mika beautifully — love the dark lip! The coloring is gorgeous and I am forever grateful to Luigi & Iango for never scrimping on glamour!” exclaimed vogue28.

Vogue Hong Kong May 2022 : Mika Schneider by Luigi & Iango


The accompanying cover feature is a total must-see. Check it out and join the conversation here.