The Three Major Hair Trends To Rock Now

Keeping up with trends can feel like a full-time job. If you’re wondering what hair styles you’ll be seeing all over the “cool kids” this season and well into the next, we’ve got you covered.

We turned to celebrity hair guru and co-founder of IGK Hair Care, Aaron Grenia, to get his predictions based on what he’s seeing in-salon, on the runways, with his celebrity clients and among his industry colleagues.


Image: Aaaron Grenia

“Typically, bobs refer to any length of hair that rests at or above the collar bone. We’ve been seeing soft, long layers for so long that it’s high time we start to see clients asking for a big chop. The shorter lengths also make it easier to achieve the slicked back, wet looks and low-maintenance tousled styles.”

Who would it look best on? “Bob haircuts are so diverse and can be tailored to suit any hair texture or bone structure.”

How to get the look/what to ask for at the salon? “Let your stylist know what you are going for and ask them what length and shape they think might work best for your face shape and hair texture. Be sure to convey the amount of styling you’re willing to put into it, as this can affect the type of cut and texture you should choose.”

How much maintenance does it require? “We tend to notice growth more quickly in shorter hair because the growth is more likely to affect shape and style ability in lighter weight styles. If you’re not looking to extend hair length, I recommend scheduling a haircut every 6 weeks.”


Image: Aaaron Grenia 

“This is a tousled, perfectly undone style. With the 90’s so on trend right now, it seems that messier, almost grunge-era styles are a natural tangent from the tousled beach-y waves that have been so popular in recent years.”

Who would it look best on? “Anyone! This look can be achieved with any length or style, however, the more texture in the cut, the more separation and piece-y texture you can achieve.”

How to get the look/what to ask for at the salon? “Once you know what length you want, let your stylist know that you are looking for a tousled, bed head look. Bring inspiration photos and be sure to ask what products they recommend to achieve the look at home.”

How much maintenance does it require? “This is a very low-maintenance style. You’ll know it’s time to schedule a haircut when the hair surpasses your preferred length or starts to feel weighed down. If you are not looking to extend the length of your hair, I would recommend scheduling a haircut every 6-10 weeks.”


Image: Aaaron Grenia

“Fringe refers to bangs and any haircut to frame the face. With the massive popularity of curtain bangs in the past couple years, I think we will start to see more diversity with fringe, particularly with bob haircuts and side parts making a comeback.”

Who would it look best on? “Many bone structures can be complemented by bangs and other facial framing. You’ll want to determine what types of fringe look best with your face shape and avoid those that won’t. For example, it you have a wider forehead, you may want to avoid a full, blunt bang.”

How to get the look/what to ask for at the salon? “If in doubt, consult with your stylist to help determine which style might work best for your face shape and desired look. Be sure to also let them know how much time or effort you want to put into styling.”

How much maintenance does it require? “You may want to touch up your bangs or facial framing sooner than your next haircut appointment. Many stylists offer shorter appointments for bang trims. For shorter fringed styles, I would recommend scheduling a bang trim midway between your haircut appointments. This will keep your style looking fresh and make the look easier to style.”