Here’s Why You Might Want To Consider Adding Solid Perfumes To Your Beauty Bag

I started using solid perfumes for travel years ago. I’m surprised that, to this day, solid perfumes still aren’t all that popular. Besides being more convenient, in my opinion, than traveling with a travel-size traditional liquid fragrance, because of size and being leak-proof, they actually last a lot longer because they don’t contain all the water that liquid perfumes do. You can also be very precise about where the fragrance is being applied, so there isn’t much – if anything – going to waste.

But that’s not all.

Solid fragrances are also usually alcohol-free meaning they work well for those who have sensitive skin (alcohol is a very common irritant) and, because their base is usually wax and oil, they’re moisturizing. They also tend to be cost-effective.

Feeling inspired? Click through our slideshow for a look at some delicious solid perfume options.