New Men’s Fragrances Women Will Love, Too

Unisex scents have been around forever, but over the last few years the trend has been exploding, and it’s only growing stronger. In fact, the trend has become so prevalent that some colognes are even finding female fans.

While most of us have a signature scent that we reach for regularly, adapting a scent to the occasion at hand or the mood being experienced can have an incredibly positive impact on our overall feel. When the mood strikes for something powerful, colognes or unisex scents are often a fantastic way to go.

Image: Flashpop for Getty

If you’re a wallflower looking to feel like a lion… keep reading.

Tom Ford’s White Suede is a trailblazing classic in that regard. This is a scent that can make the shyest of women feel sexy and powerful, but there are many others.

Keep reading for a look at men’s fragrances – as well as a few unisex scents – women tend to love, too.