Gel-To-Ice Hydrator? It’s A Thing

Here’s something most of us will have wished we had during the August heat wave: Skin Proud’s Frozen Over.

This unique (and cheap!) lightweight face moisturizer can be used at room temperature as a cooling gel or frozen, straight out of the freezer.

What does that mean? Let me explain.

It’s a gel-to-ice hydrator that turns into a slushy sorbet consistency after two to three hours in the freezer (yes, you’ll want to get Instagram out for a story). Just take it out and apply it to soothe and cool tired and sensitive skin, reduce inflammation, de-puff under eyes, and more.

It’s not actually loaded with a ton of actives, so don’t expect any miracles as far as wrinkles, acne or anything of that nature, but for  cooling down or looking more refreshed after a night out, little sleep or drinking, this is a star product.

While it’s especially great for summer because in addition to the aforementioned benefits, it’s also very light I’ve been loving it in the morning no matter the temperature. I get up at 5AM so I’m never not exhausted and I’ve found the coolness of this product helps to wake up my face and by extension my mind. It’s a little something I look forward to in the morning along with my unsweetened almond milk cappuccino as I enjoy the one hour of “me” time before the family wakes up .

Skin Proud’s Frozen Over retails at Walmart for $15.97. It’s 100% vegan and PETA-approved cruelty free.