4 New York Fashion Week Spring 2022 Makeup Trends You Don’t Have to Wait Until Spring to Try

New York Fashion Week just wrapped up. While we’re always sad to see it go, at least the Spring 2022 season supplied plenty of inspo. Especially on the beauty front. If you’ve been craving fresh ways to wear everything from eyeshadow to blush, you’re in luck. The New York Fashion Week Spring 2022 makeup looks certainly delivered.

Prismatic highlighter, classic red lipstick and neon eyeshadows all proved popular. We saw practically every neon hue from green at Markarian to blue and magenta at Prabal Gurung. It doesn’t matter the shade as long as it’s bold and sparks joy.

Application is also key. Thankfully, there are numerous new ways to make use of what you already have. Good news since we’re still trying to penny pinch.

Beat the spring rush by scrolling down to see the top New York Fashion Week Spring 2022 makeup trends.

Images: Imaxtree