These Emulsions Are Worth Adding an Extra Step to Your Skin Care Routine

Thanks to the onslaught of all things K-beauty, many of us increased our skin care regimen to 10 steps. Despite our extremely busy schedules. Perhaps as a direct response, minimalist routines began to be revealed. But there’s one step worth adding to your skin strategy, even if it’s already jam-packed. We’re talking about emulsions.

So what exactly are emulsions? Well, basically they’re moisturizers with a little something extra thrown in. (Sometimes lots of things, in the best way possible.) They tend to be lightweight, making them ideal for summer. Not to mention for those with oily or combination skin.

If your complexion is more on the parched side, you should also consider working one into your routine. Dry skin suffers tend to favor heavier, thicker creams, especially in winter. But there’s something to be said for thinner emulsions because they spread more easily and absorb quickly. Great if you’re in a rush and still have more steps to get through.

Here are the best emulsions currently on offer.