Now’s a Prime Time to Pick Up These Peach Beauty Products

Fruit and summer go hand in hand. Especially peaches. The sweet, juicy treat is at the peak of freshness now. So it’s no wonder you’re seeing large quantities at your go-to grocery store. But there’s one way you can enjoy the fruit all year long. We’re talking about peach beauty products.

You can find peaches in everything from cleansers to masks to serums. Why? They’re pretty multifaceted. They can condition complexions plus control excess sebum and oil.

Just make sure to check for actual peaches. Lots of products, especially when it comes to makeup, use peach to refer to a shade or an artificial fragrance. No, we’re strictly talking about the real deal. Whether it’s in the form of extract, water or kernel oil.

Here are the best peach beauty products to add to your routine.