These Sunscreen Oils Offer Protection AND Hydration

We all know that sunscreen is vital. And not just in summer. But applying heavy lotions can be a pain plus those formulas often leave something behind. Like streaks or that dreaded white cast. That’s where sunscreen oils come in handy.

Your standard sunscreens boasting SPF 30 or higher do a great job shielding your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. They also dry out your skin. On the other end of the broad spectrum, sunscreen oils deliver protection while moisturizing parched skin. Win-win.

Not all oils are created equal, however. You want to look for a nongreasy formula to avoid any pesky stickiness. You also need to pick one that absorbs quickly. Because waiting around for your sunscreen to dry leads to less fun in the sun.

Scroll down to discover the best sunscreen oils for summer and beyond.