The Best Buys From Zara’s New Beauty Line

We’re not shy about admitting we love Zara. Sure, it’s fast fashion, but its pieces are so good we keep them in our lineups for years to come. Now the brand is branching out to include beauty. All you have to do is look at the collection’s new campaign to see how stellar the products are. So we went ahead and rounded up the best Zara Beauty buys.

One of the best features of the makeup range is all the refillable options. From lipstick to eyeshadow to bronzer, it’s an ideal way to cut down on waste. Another highlight? The prices. Obviously, we’ve come to expect great deals on Zara’s clothing, accessories and even home goods. So it’s not surprising that the makeup is also quite a steal.

One downside? Many of the items are already sold out. But more inventory is coming. So make sure to keep an eye out to ensure you’re in on the next drop.

Here are the best Zara Beauty buys.