The Best Root Touch-Up and Home Gloss Products, According to Experts

Prior to 2020, many of us would never attempt to cover up our own grays or tint our own lashes. How things have changed! Now we know that we don’t need to spend lots of money every month on luxuries we once deemed essential. Especially when there are so many great at-home root touch-up and home gloss products available.

Now we’re not saying you’ll be able to skip going to the salon. We’re just pointing out that there are products that can help you bridge the gap between appointments.

Colorists often tell their clients not to touch their hair color. “Wear a hat!” “Put your hair in a ponytail, but do not under any circumstance attempt to do your own color.” We’ve heard both phrases countless times. But you can tackle sprouting grays, brown roots peeking through blond locks or hair that’s just plain frizzy and dull with certain root touch-up and home gloss products.

We reached out to some leading hair experts and asked them to share their favorite ones.