If You’re Thinking of Going Red Like Gigi Hadid You’ll Need These Products in Your Arsenal

Fashion month is always full of surprises. One of this season’s highlights? Gigi Hadid’s return to the runway. The new mom hit the catwalk for Versace’s Fall 2021 show. While we were shocked to see Gigi, we were even more amazed by her new fiery locks. But if you’re thinking of dyeing your locks, there are certain products designed for red hair color care you need to know about.

You’re already probably well aware that blondes have a tendency to go brassy without proper upkeep. You have to be just as diligent when it comes to being a redhead. Oxidation and yellowing can make a crimson mane look less and less radiant. Then there’s the color-muting impact of UV rays.

While going (and staying) red is quite a commitment, you just have to know what you need to keep the fire burning. It’s vital to invest in color-protecting products. From shampoo to conditioner to red-specific treatments, you definitely need to retool your hair care routine.

Read on to see the red hair color care products that’ll keep your color bright and your hair healthy.